We believe in finding you the most cost-effective solutions available for your needs. Instead of charging you for each and every service we could possibly provide, we find it's far more efficient to focus on what we do best and refer you to other companies when they can do a better job. In this space we will provide links to companies and services that we frequently recommend.

Hosting is a great example of a service that we could provide ourselves, but someone else can do cheaper and better. Bluehost offers very robust hosting packages for as little as $5.95 per month. (And that low-end package is sufficient for MOST clients we refer.) That's who hosts this site, and it's who we recommend for most projects. (Of course, sometimes nothing less than a dedicated server will do.) But when shared hosting is sufficient for your needs, it's hard to beat the deals Bluehost can offer. We certainly can't! CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR BLUEHOST. Domain NamesDomains
Bluehost offers a free domain name with your hosting plan, but if you already have a hosting arrangement or need additional domains, Hover is a great place to get one. They generally have the best prices and support. As a bonus, they don't bombard you with annoying upsells on every page of their website like other registrars.